Is the SEO firm giving the desired services?

seo_justiceOptimizing sites is vital in the modern days. You simply can’t do without the optimization. This has increased the market value for the SEO firms to a great extent. They are always hired to optimize different sites. Some of them are very good at hiding behind technical terms. They know that you probably don’t know much about optimization. They hence do a lot of nothing pretending to be doing everything. If you are not careful like some witnessed cases, you end up on the losing end. You pay these so to say experts, and some of them demand a lot, yet they don’t improve your site performance. Others might go for the black hat SEO techniques that work for temporal basis. You will be very happy at first, but then get sad after a week. You don’t want that. We don’t want it either. Read on to know if your hired experts are really working on what they are supposed to, or are just playing around.

  1. They don’t associate you

You can be an expert, but an expert of your own only. By that I mean that being an expert is people helping you and you helping the people. The clients give the instructions and you execute them in the best way possible. If you realize that your experts are pretending to know everything, doing it all by themselves, chances are that they are not on track. Of course your involvement is essential. It’s your site and things must be done your way. Best SEO Atlanta experts will keep asking for details including your target keywords list, admin access info, access to social networks and anywhere else they don’t have the mandate to access.

  1. They don’t give suggestions

It is their job to detect what is wrong with your site and give the best solutions that can fix that. The reason you hired them is to make sure that you get things done in a better way. If they can’t provide that better way, they are not working. It is like visiting a doctor who doesn’t recommend any kind of treatment. Just performs tests and expensive surgeries that you have to pay for; weird, isn’t it?

  1. They do a lot of hiding

Someone who is not at his best will try to hide his work. They fear that you might realize what they are doing and perhaps do it yourself. That’s the mentality of a loser. Heroes are happy to show others what they do. It’s the only way to make people adore you. If you happen to realize that they are doing nothing hiding, hire a lawyer SEO to prevent manipulation.

  1. They don’t have positive results

An expert will show his potential by bringing a positive change. That’s what SEO clients are looking for from the experts. If that is not existent with your crew, consider others. Your traffic must rise, your clients increase and most importantly, record profit. Anything less than that is not acceptable.