Wedding planning can make or break your big day

Wedding is one of biggest occasions   and of most important days for couples and their invited guests. Since this is a one day event that will never be repeated, proper wedding planning is essential. Well planned wedding remains etched in the minds of the couple and guests for all their lives. It is even the reason why good photos and video are taken because people want the special moments captured permanently.

It requires well thought planning ensure that everything at the wedding complements each other and the event flows perfectly. When planning a wedding, it is essential to do the following:

Write down a checklist of all the necessary things

Create checklist of all things required for the wedding. Wedding dress, flowers, transport, caterer, wedding photographer and list of guests are some of the essential things for a weeding.

Hire a reputable wedding planner

wedding_photo_djIt is hard to plan a wedding on your own considering that it is not something you usually do therefore might forget some essential things. It is therefore wise to find an experienced professional wedding planner. If you do not know a good one, ask family member or close friends for referral.

Wedding planners help people with everything needed during a weeding and they know where to source each item. It will therefore make your preparation smoother. You cannot however rest on your laurels.  It is your biggest day hence you should work closely with a wedding planner in arranging everything.

Choose wedding dress on good time

It is essential for the couple to start choosing the brides dress, clothes for the groom and bridal partly early enough so as to have pleasure of making comparisons. Choose attire that fits your personality, taste and theme of the wedding. A designer’s opinion is essential at this point. Remember to also ask friends and family about their opinion.  Wedding dress for the bride will be the center focus hence it should be good enough to fit taste, personality and body shape in addition to elegance.

Find wedding venue in good time

It is important to find the church and reception venue where you plan to host guests in advance. Even if you had already decided where the wedding will take place, it is risky to assume that the place will be available few days to the event. Someone might book the place and going to an alternative venue does not feel right. It is therefore important to book in place and make all the necessary contingency plans. This includes inviting the day’s photographer and djs for them to check out the place and prepare the suitable equipment for their work.

Wedding day planning is very important but you should not exhaust yourself. Make sure that you are eating right and getting enough rest. It helps to complete all arrangements in good time as it will not be good for your image if you look worn out on wedding day.